Praise and Worship

  • 06:30 PM
  • St. Louise Room @ St. Louise Catholic Church
    141-156th Ave SE, Bellevue WA 98007
  • (425) 243-2480

We know because of the promise Jesus made to us, that – where two or three are gathered, He will be there among us. So we meet, come rain or shine, regularly, even if we are just a few. We come as people of every calling – families and single people; and our children are encouraged to join us during the praise and worship and during the teaching they are taken aside for a separate session.

We start with Praise and Worship, which helps us to come into the presence of God, and be open to the teaching that is shared later. We exercise the gifts of the Spirit in tongues, prophesy, singing and praying in the Spirit, in praying over those who in need. We share our testimonies. We have times of intercession. We celebrate events together after the meeting.

The prayer meeting is the place where we come to be lifted up in praise and worship of God, be nourished by His Word, be strengthened by His gifts, be encouraged by His people, to minister to each other, to grow in the love and service of God, the church, each other, our families and communities.

We are open to all. We have our praise and worship in English so that everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, will feel welcome. We have no rules for membership. The one thing that is required is a heart for Jesus, the willingness and openness to grow to be more and more like Him, and to be His light and channel of His word and grace and love to all.