We are called “Renewed in Christ Catholic Charismatic Community”. The four “C”s in our group’s name describes us perfectly.

Christ – We have our lives centered on Jesus Christ and renewed by His Spirit, we seek to be channels of His grace and love to all around us.
Catholic – We are fully Catholic, and are obedient to the Pope, our Bishop and the teachings of the magisterium.
Charismatic – We are open to and seek to use all the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit which He gives us to edify and build ourselves and others through faith acting in love.
Community – We meet weekly for our prayer meetings. We celebrate events jointly. We share our burdens with each other and we support each other in prayer and whichever way we can. We are growing together in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and learning to love and serve each other and our church and our communities.

Our mission is to therefore to bring Christ to the world, firmly founded in the Catholic Church, on the wings of the Holy Spirit, that we may enfold all within a community that is Renewed in Christ.

We believe that “if anyone is in Christ, he/she is a new creation. All the old has passed away and all the new has come”. (2 Cor. 5:17) We have, and are continually experiencing this to be true for all of us in our group. We want everyone to have the same experience. We invite you all to “come and see”.