Jesus answered my prayers through intercession even when I was in total despair

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I usually reach out to Jesus at the office when I am faced with a challenge. One such challenge was thrown at me today.

This was my first major deliverable in my new team. I had done all the work and was ready to start the show / process. In fact, I had sent to all the folks in my organization an email about the process and that it would start today morning. The email was sent yesterday to more than 200 people, across 20 different teams, about this major milestone that was to be run today.

I come to office today morning to start the process and it fails. I tried to understand the issue for an hour but I had no idea what was going wrong. My boss just told me that it was alright and just I had to do it tomorrow. The problem was, I just did NOT KNOW what needed to be done to fix the issue. It was a dead end and I even felt like quitting the job and going back home. Complete frustration and annoyance. I was totally blank and lost.

I was upset, dejected and angry with the Lord. I just fought with Him, asking what more does He want from me. Totally angry with Jesus, yet I knew His power. Not having the strength or drive or motivation to pray, I sent in my prayer requests to my intercession team at the Renewed in Christ Catholic Charismatic Community.

Then I started staring at the screen highlighting different errors. I still did not know what those errors meant or how to even proceed. It was a blank slate. About 2 minutes following the sending of my prayer request, while I was staring at my screen, 2 of my colleagues walked by. They just saw what I was staring. They ran a few commands and bang, the process started working. I still can’t believe what just happened. I thought this issue was just going to destroy me and my career, when the loving Jesus (even when I had just fought with him), sends His beloved angels in the form of my colleagues to rescue me.

Tears have been flowing since the last 30 minutes of how wonderful a God Jesus we serve. If Jesus is with us who can be against us.

Please use the power of intercession and when you are tired to pray for yourself count on your christian brothers and sisters to intercede along with Mother Mary and the Saints. Now I believe we are a chosen race and precious in the eyes of Jesus.

Brother in Christ Jesus,