Instant healing for my daughter

Categories: Testimonies

Together with a few families we decided to drive along the Pacific scenic highway. We left Bellevue on Friday. The weather was cloudy in Washington and when we entered Portland it started pouring. Later it began to drizzle every now and then. On day one, the kids got a little wet and remained healthy under the divine protection of our Beloved Mother.

On our trip, on day 2, we planned to let the kids play on the beach based on the weather forecast. When we reached the beach it was cold, raining and windy. My daughter started coughing slowly as she had got wet in the rain when we got out for lunch. Since it was raining all day, she got wet several times during the day as we stopped along the different view points. We were worried, if she gets sick what medicine to give, which doctor we could take her to in Oregon. We were praying at the same time for her. She coughed a lot during the night, and started coughing in the morning as well.

On day 3, I requested all my brothers & sisters who were with us on that trip to pray for my daughter. Jerry, Vijay, Henry & Antony lead everyone into prayer for her healing and amazingly she stopped coughing. The entire day we were out in multiple places where it was cold, she got little wet in rain and she drank cold water. However, nothing happened, her healing was sealed. Lord healed my daughter completely.

Thank you Lord for all Your miracles in our lives.