Blessed in exams by St. Mary’s intercession

Categories: Testimonies

I was a student when all this took place. I prayed to St. Mary and she intervened in my life through HER prayers.

Before St.Mary’s intervention:
I wanted huge scores in my 12TH standard results. I prayed to St.Mary and promised to testify about HER if I got one.

The challenge before me:
But towards my exams I was gripped by great pressure and an evil presence and I could not learn anything. I was under huge pressure. Everyone including my parents expected huge results and I couldn’t learn anything. I wrote the exams with great difficulty.

After St. Mary’s intervention:
When the results came I didn’t get that very high scores that I expected but nevertheless I got 91.2% which was very good. Though I did not get what I wanted, it was the grace of GOD and the blessing of St. Mary that allowed me to overcome all my difficulties and achieve such good marks.

I apologize to St. Mary for having been so late to testify ( It’s been nearly 5 years). Now I’m far better. Blessings due to St. Mary keep flowing into my life.