Experience of the Holy Spirit in Praise & Worship

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Greetings to my beloved Praise and Worship Team!!!!! What a wonderful gift you have given through praise and worship on Jan 8. Almighty GOD bless you abundantly with His gifts. The moment we started praise and worship, I immediately felt we are in the Garden of Eden and heavenly Father is with us and accepting our praises.

I was taking care of my kids and to my convenience, took a seat in the last row. When I got deeply involved in praise and worship, I felt the cold breeze passing between my fingers. As a human, my immediate thought was I am sitting at the back, someone might have opened the door and cold breeze might have come from outside and not from the Holy Spirit. I asked the Lord to reconfirm His presence and asked Him to shower His mercy on me so that I can cry out to Him with tears of joy. Immediately, after submitting my petition, my favorite (I Surrender) song started. I listen to this song almost every day at work.

Wow, what can I say? How can I explain? I started singing “I Surrender” song with a very loud voice that I never used to sing previously. Instantly, my heart was filled with the Lord’s presence and I started shedding tears deep from my heart.

I started experiencing the prodigal Son and Father relationship. It was truly amazing. One thing I noticed, when I was completely involved in praise and worship, my kids came running to me and hugged me before they went away. Previously, it used to feel like an interruption. However, that day, in a unique way, when they came and hugged me I felt the Lord is hugging me and kissing me. And to my surprise, it didn’t feel like a interruption. This was a new experience I learnt at the beginning of 2016.

My elder daughter saw me crying and she also started weeping and said to my wife that she is getting tears when she is praying!!! How blessed we are to see our kids experiencing the Lord at such an early age. Truly Blessed!!!! By the way, I forgot to mention one thing. The Lord will never send us with a doubtful mind. By the end of the “I Surrender” song, I was sweating. This clearly shows the presence of the Holy Spirit and it was in many forms. Once again, thanks to the Praise and Worship ministry team for leading us to a wonderful praise and worship. Thanks for kick-starting the year 2016 in a unique way.

Thanks for reading this lengthy testimony. It’s a great honor to share my experience as this ministry truly helps millions of people to reach up from the earth and GOD’s righteousness will look down from heaven and be in union at one point.

PSALMS 85:11 Man’s loyalty will reach up from the earth and GOD’s righteousness will look down from heaven.

In Christ,