St. Anthony interceded on our behalf and our prayers were answered

Categories: Testimonies

On the feast day of Our Lady of Velankanni, few of my friends were searching for Palki stand (palanquin) but they could not find it. The search continued for more than an hour but still we could not find the stand. Everyone present there was worried and continued searching in different places. My friend John and I also started searching but we could not find it. John prayed to St. Anthony to show us where the palki stand was. Within minutes we found the palki stand. Our prayer was answered within minutes.

On the same day, after the feast celebration, my family went to the Mukilteo lighthouse festival (Mukfest) as the kids eagerly wanted to view it. We reached lighthouse park on time. Everything was great, kids enjoyed the event and we came back home. Sunday morning my wife noticed her wedding ring was missing. She got very upset, more than a ring it’s a sentimental thing for her as it’s our wedding ring. We searched inside our apartment, car, at Church, near Grotto, in the Church parking lot. However, we still could not find the missing ring. My wife started to worry more. Then we decided to go to the lighthouse park and search there. On the way we prayed to St. Anthony, exactly how my friend John prayed the previous evening. I was in prayer all the way till lighthouse park. Thousands of people attended the event, so we were not 100% confident on finding it.

In the lighthouse park we noticed there were people already rushing in for today’s events. Also, the city cleaned up the park. I could see they used blowers to cleanup the park. We didn’t lose hope in St. Anthony and continued to search. When we reached the place where she sat last night, St. Anthony showed us the ring. It was right there on the lawn. I’m sure at least 200 to 300 people would have passed that place this morning and none saw it but St. Anthony showed it to us. Great miracle again within 24 hours. We offered our thanks St. Anthony and Almighty God and drove back. Everyone is happy now.

Praise The Lord. Thank you Jesus. Glory to God.