Jesus answered my prayer with His perfect answer

Categories: Testimonies

Almost 15 years ago I lost my job in San Jose, California. There were very few jobs available and the only offer I got was to move to Seattle. I was disappointed and decided we would move back in one year when the job situation picked back up. In this period of job search my prayer was that I get a job in the bay area. Technically, my prayer was answered by the best job Jesus had for me but I did not like the answer. 15 years later I see the blessing Jesus intended for me in His will to move me to Seattle. Instead of believing in faith and rejoicing I was disappointed for a long time, I created my own desert and wandered in it. What a waste… all because I could not see ahead with the eyes of faith.

Recently while working on a home project (after several hours into it) I realized I was missing a crucial part, I called the manufacturer who said it would take a week to ship it. I was disappointed, the passion with which I wanted to finish the work was frustrating me by the delay, I knew I won’t be able to get the same personal time availability for some time because of upcoming work travel… In my desert experience, a few days later I realized I had made a mistake midway in the project, if I had the missing piece I would have completed the project and would have had to live with that mistake. I had prayed before starting that Jesus help me to do the project right, my prayer was answered…..I could not see ahead with the eyes of faith.

How many times have I been praying and have received the better and perfect answer from God my Father and yet in rejecting the perfect answer I have chosen to walk in the desert delaying the Lord’s perfect will for me…………my goodness……that’s a scary thought…how many times…..and how foolish when in those times I continued praying for prayers that were already answered!

Dear Jesus forgive me for all the times I have been blind to Your loving and perfect answers to my prayers, forgive me for being blind to the better answer You gave me so many times, forgive me for being angry because You did not answer the prayer the way I wanted it because You knew it would lead me to failure….I am sorry Jesus, please increase my faith to accept the perfect answer of my Father for my prayers….Increase my faith to say YES like Mary our mother.