The Lord healed the pain in my neck and right arm

Categories: Testimonies

I was suffering from pain in my upper right arm for over 2 weeks and had just developed pain in the left side of my neck in the last 2 days before I attended the prayer meeting. I didn’t think of praying for the pain to be gone. After all it was just part of life and all the stress that goes with working and taking care of kids. When I was at the meeting and listening to the teaching on all the healings that Jesus performed in His time on earth, I was moved to ask for a healing for myself. Then and there I said a quick prayer “Jesus I claim the healings you performed in your Holy Name. Please heal me of the pain in my neck”. I said the prayer and touched the sides of my neck and immediately found that the pain was gone. I was very amazed as I didn’t expect it to be so instantaneous. I kept pressing on the site of the pain to be sure. Praise God – the pain was indeed gone and as I type this testimony 2 days later it is still gone.

When I found the pain in my neck was gone, I felt a prompting to also check my arm and found that the pain in my upper arm also was gone. I had this pain for over 2 weeks at least and the site was very painful to the touch. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and healing me generously even when I didn’t ask for”ALL” that you can give me. Lord, thank you for your love and mercy for revealing to me the depth of your love for me that you hear and meet the needs that I don’t even ask for. You know my needs better than I know them myself. Make my heart more like yours. Amen.