This Lent – become a Shock Absorber

Categories: Inspirations

A few years ago, i saw a short movie that went as follows :

It starts with an angry man coming home and yelling at his wife. His wife receives the transfer of his “anger” baggage and in turn yells at her maid. That spoils the day for her maid and on reaching home, she yells at her son. Her son is now upset and goes to a grocery store where he yells at the store manager. The store manager is now sitting furious and a lot of people around this part of town are angry with each other.

Then comes a happy looking customer.

The store manager yells at this customer, but the customer remains at peace and does not reciprocate. He effectively “absorbs” this anger, instead of cascading it further. By doing that he leaves the store manager at peace, and due to this the manager now treats the next customer is a kind way. This customer then carries on his kindness to the next person he meets and leaves that person at peace. And gradually the level of anger in that area starts to die down.

The happy looking customer did not only leave the manager at peace, but also broke the cascading chain of anger.

Are you looking to do something *REAL* this lent? :-) Aiming to go deep?

Become a shock – absorber.

For anger, frustration, pride and other such “shocks” that come your way. Offer your pain to Jesus when it hurts. Become His vehicle for healing.

Will it be easy? I can bet you, doing this would be one of the toughest things ever! The proposal was to go deep anyway :-)

Besides you are doing this for Jesus. Who actually did this for you.

Have a blessed Lent!