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Which one of these are you?

A few days back, i saw a vision of something that looked like below :

Empty Squares 2

I kept praying about it, and here is what i felt the Lord was saying :

Heart onwards


Mind onwards
Correct order

These images convey an important correlation :

1. The most important is the soul and the least is the body.

2. For the next level to be strong, the previous level has to be stronger.

3. The level that manifests all the symptoms (good or bad) is the body.

After reflecting on it, here is how i interpret these images :

The part you feel the most important, is the part you’ll invest in. Invest in your spirit. That will support everything else.

The first image says no food being fed to the spirit, but the heart assumes priority. In this case, the person considers good works is all that matters – but that leads to confusion between right and wrong.

The second image says no attention is paid to either spirit or heart, but the mind assumes priority. As a result, the mind is fully occupied by the *worldly* stuff. Wealth, Career, Success etc.

Both of the above stand on fragile ground and will likely lead to a unsatisfied, brittle future. I hope you are none of these :-)

The third image on the other hand, rightfully gives priority to the spirit. As a result of that, the person is on absolutely firm standing, like a rock. How so?

Those who invest in the spirit is an extremely rare and blessed breed. They fully understand the *real* wealth and commit everyday at least an hour to be with Jesus. That is where He feeds their soul. With their soul at complete rest, the heart is bubbling with joy. They don’t carry any regrets from the past. They remain in the moment and not worry about the future. The clarity of the speech that comes from them tells you how focused their mind is. Their mind doesn’t wander every few days with changing goals. The body radiates with no signs of stress and the face exhibits a natural smile. Their life shows they are completely content with themselves.

And their life turns into:

Fruitful life
The million dollar question now – how to choose 3?
As a matter of fact – you can only wish, but cannot make it happen. Only by grace that is possible. And therefore the answer is – pray to the Lord to give you the grace to commit to your spirit.