Healed by a touch of the Holy Spirit

Categories: Testimonies

This is a testimony of the love and mercy of God. The Lord is good and gracious and He is ever present in our need. Praise and bless His holy name.

To give you a short background, I have had various aches and joint pains over the years. I have put it down to heredity because my mother used to suffer from the same all the time that I can remember. She never was very badly incapacitated, but she always complained of pain in her joints. Many of my joint pains have eased and gone with exercise or medication. I would always make it a point to keep thanking and praising Jesus as I moved my limbs and felt pain. And the pain has gone in many instances.

At the end of October 2014, I started having a pain in my right hip joint. It was just an annoying pain which slowly grew to something that consumed my every thought. One Saturday morning at mass, I couldn’t stand, sit or kneel without tremendous pain.

That afternoon, I agreed to watch a movie that Mathew, my husband, had wanted to watch with me called “The Holy Ghost”, a documentary about ordinary people going out in the power of the Spirit, going where the Spirit led, and ministering to the people whom the Spirit revealed to them. It was awesome and humbling, watching the movie and realizing how little I tended to call on the Holy Spirit in my daily life.

As we were watching, Mathew was silently praying over me. We stopped watching the movie half-way because we had to get down to dinner. When I got up from the sofa, MY PAIN WAS GONE!!!! And I could walk with ease which I still do to date.

My sister, on hearing the symptoms of my ailment, said that it sounded like Sciatica, which sometimes requires surgery to heal. She too was amazed that I was healed just by prayer.

This healing has brought to mind once again how important, no indeed, how vital it is in the Christian walk, to call on the Holy Spirit.

“Yet he is not far from each one of us, for in Him we live and move and have our being…” Acts 17:27-28

Mathew and I do try to pray without ceasing, but this healing has filled us with fervor. It has brought back to mind the need to constantly seek the Lord, the Holy Spirit, to help us in our need. It has encouraged us to touch others with the love of the Lord not just daily but moment by moment, as we are called on to do.

I praise God and give Him all the glory for this healing. Thank you Jesus, our Healer, our Deliverer, our Savior, our Redeemer.