Not giving up hope on the Lord, who takes care of even the smallest of hassles

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Greetings Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I just experienced how sweet Our Father in heaven is and how he cares for us for even the smallest things. I am so excited to share these with my fellow communities so together we can praise our Father.

2 weeks back the temperature in Bothell, Seattle dropped below 32 degrees F. We, being new to the home, did not realize that the temperature difference should not be less than 10 degrees delta in heater settings. In the night we let it drop to 55 degrees whereas in morning we leave it running at 70.
Because of the extreme cold weather that night the heater turned off till it reached 55, but then the water in the heater had condensed and the heater would not turn back on.

Sunday morning, when we woke up, it was at 42 degrees and we started having frost bites. Yet, we decided that the Lord will work his miracle if we went to Mass and hence went for the 9am Mass. We were excited to come back to see the miracle. We have seen so many miracles now, that now it’s exciting when times of trouble come for we can see a miracle. Who would not want to see miracles?

However, on returning from Mass the heater had still not turned on and the temperature was dropping. We again stated a confident prayer for a couple of minutes, praising and thanking our Dad and left for shopping to be in some warmth as the house was freezing now. Again with excitement we returned to witness a miracle. Alas, the heater had still not turned on.

Oh, did I mention I had a cramp from the cold and my back was hurting? Yet, what could we do? I took the ladder and started climbing into the terrace where the heater was placed after my wife urged me to take a look. I had no idea what to look for. I saw a small LED flashing and assumed it meant an error had happened.

Not knowing what needed to be done, I just opened the cover of the heater. Nothing happened. I just closed the cover back, came down and stated nothing had happened. Our faith was just about to dwindle, when we heard a faint voice of the heater fan. Cool air started flowing out. :)

I rejoiced. Though a little skeptical, we kept thanking. Slowly, in a couple of hours, the fan started blowing hot air and in 4 hours, we were back in our warm cozy house the Lord had given us.

This miracle would have been fantastic if there was a boom or a bang and then the heater started. But our Dad being a gentle Dad, I guess, sometimes operates ever so gently, is what I realized that day.

Oh yeah and did I mention, carrying the ladder and climbing up the ladder actually healed my back? Hurray! Who would not want a bonus miracle?

The Lord saved us $300. He protects even our small issues and shelters our belongings, how much more will He protect our life?

I am still struggling to accept this truth, but I know one day I will truly understand His unconditional love and path He has for me.