I thank the Lord for healing me

Categories: Testimonies

We all know the story of the ten lepers that Jesus healed and how only one came back, to thank the Lord. I am like the nine lepers, who fail to publicly testify to the goodness of our Lord. Not that I am not thankful. I am! It’s just that I am either scared or just think it is not worthy of public testimony or just too busy to type out my testimonies. But, I have decided to change that and become like the one leper who came back to thank Jesus.

I recently had a routine Mammogram. The nurse told me that she will send the results in the mail. However, the very next day I receive a call from her saying, I will have to come again for some further tests and ultrasound, since they saw a lump on the right side. I scheduled the appointment a week later. I was not fearful and just thought I will take whatever is in store for me. In the meanwhile I told my dear husband (John), who prayed over me every single day. I went for my tests and after looking at the results and the ultrasound, the doctor said it was just the lymph nodes around the glandular tissue, which made it look like a lump (or a possible cyst). The nurse said “I am glad the results are good for you”.

I thank the Lord for healing me. THANK YOU JESUS!! PRAISE YOU LORD!!