God is in control

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God has blessed us with 3 happy and healthy children.

Our first child’s birth – the doctor recommended and had the operation theatre scheduled for C-section as she thought the baby was too big to be born naturally without complications. We told the doctor we would like to give the natural birth process a try and if required opt for C-section. During labor, I had my mother and husband as birthing partners. Since I was induced, the baby and I were being monitored with machines constantly. All appeared to be fine. I spent the whole day waiting to go into active labor and was very relaxed throughout the wait inspite of the contractions. When I was in active labor, I suddenly felt very emotionally distressed and asked my mother to sing a hymn. The lyrics of the hymn was ‘Jesus I will walk in your ways, I will seek you, praise you, love you now and forever’. My son was born shortly after that, a normal, healthy boy without any complications to me or distress to him. It was only some time later that the delivering doctor told me that his umbilical cord had a knot on it and had been wrapped around his neck twice. She said our son was ‘twice lucky’ that the umbilical cord was very long and he didnt’ suffer any consequences from it. But we call it a miracle, and see the protection of our Lord over our son. He is our miracle baby.

Our Second child – Is a special blessing from God. I believe that God has given us this child to show us how much he is watching over us and to testify to the world of HIS love and plans for us. Sarah’s due date was June 12th but a few weeks before the due date, the doctor determined that the amniotic fluid was low and since we were in the peak of summer, recommended she be induced 2 weeks early. We went to the hospital and went through all the induction drugs, the gel and the petocin. Again I was hooked on to machines to monitor the baby and me. We spent all day and night waiting for the drugs to jump start labor and there was no progress. I remember distinctly the doctor walking in the next morning and telling me, the baby did not react to the drugs at all. She said ‘God has other plans for you and your baby’. She sent us home and advised lots of water and to stay indoors. A week later I went into labor naturally, I walked up and down the hospital hall reciting the rosary while I waited for active labor. Sarah was born 2 days before her due date, healthy, happy, naturally and without any drugs. It always makes me smile when I remember Sarah’s birth made a doctor acknowledge that ‘God is in control’.

Our third child – An unexpected gift from God. Stephanie was born a week after her due date. We had her induced on the 28th. The midwife’s expectation was that since I was dilated only 2 cms and the baby had not dropped, I would have a very long labor after induction. This caused some concern to us as the prospect of spending 12 hours waiting for labor and having to stop and retry after a day was very daunting. We prayed on the way to the hospital and asked for intercession from the intercessory team before we left. I didnt’ go through any labor and delivery classes – figured I would remember all the relaxation techniques during labor – afterall I did it twice already :). Come time for labor I couldn’t remember anything. I recited the Divine mercy and was reciting the rosary when I went into active labor and couldnt’ concentrate any longer. I asked my husband to recite the rosary while I prayed silently. This was my first delivery that I was actively praying and asking for Jesus and mother mary to stand by me and help me and the baby through a safe delivery. Stephanie was born within 4 1/2 hours of being induced. It was my shortest labor and delivery experience inspite of the constraints that were described. The midwife was amazed to see the delivery go so quick. But I know that it was only through the grace of God and His help that we were blessed with a healthy and happy baby through a safe and quick labor and delivery.

Bothell, USA