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An overview of the upcoming Life in the Spirit Seminar

An overview of the upcoming Life in the Spirit Seminar that will be held on Friday evenings from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at St. Louise Church, Bellevue from April 24 to June 12 was presented. This session touched upon each of the 7 topics that will covered during the seminar. Complete details on this…

Introduction to Jesus’ Ministry

Jesus’ power is available to us for us to overcome the power of enemy in our lives. Jesus has given us authority to reject the enemy and he will flee from us.  

Healing Essentials

The story of Namaan from 2 Kings 5, offers an illustration of the loving grace of the Almighty on a general of a pagan nation. Because God is sovereign, no matter how many turns Naaman’s journey took, ultimately he reached the destination of Healing. His thirst to be healed of the dreaded disease led him…

Inner Healing

The human self is made up of the Body, Mind and Spirit with all three elements closely connected. As a result, when any one area gets impacted other areas could be affected as well. Inner Healing deals with healing of conditions that affect the mind – primarily suffering or trauma, hurts or sin. The teaching…

Power of Blessing – Pt. 1

Most of the time that we pray with others we are actually blessing them. We bless for the grace of peace, joy, healing-physical or inner healing or however the Holy Spirit leads you to pray. The goal of learning to give blessings is to EMPOWER you to bless your children, family and friends. Blessing is…

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